Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton


We walk with clients towards greater well-being

Based in Fairview Heights, Ill., Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton is a leading provider in southern Illinois for truly immersive and compassionate mental and behavioral health counseling services. We provide services where our clients feel most comfortable, including over 30 convenient community locations across the region. Our unique personable approach and whole-health focus has made us a trusted partner for adults, children and families in need of greater well-being.


Forward Counseling Care is part of Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, a faith-based nonprofit founded in 1895 that has a long history of providing emotional and mental health services for every stage of youth and family development.

Hoyleton Youth & Family Services celebrates its social justice heritage as part of the Christian denomination, United Church of Christ, with services that make a positive impact on over 2,000 lives annually. This includes restoring families, preparing young adults to make positive life decisions, helping parents and guardians be better parents and providing wellness education.

Hoyleton is a member of the Counsel for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM), which enables them to continually connect programs back to the UCC and its inclusive, compassionate beliefs.

Our passionate team walks with clients hand-in-hand.

We leverage our staff’s institutional knowledge and local understanding to best support our clients.