Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton


We walk with clients towards greater well-being

Based in Fairview Heights, Ill., Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton is a leading provider in southern Illinois for truly immersive and compassionate mental and behavioral health counseling services. We provide services where our clients feel most comfortable, including over 30 convenient community locations across the region. Our unique personable approach and holistic focus has made us a trusted partner for adults, children and families in need of greater well-being.

Comfortable In-person or Online Meeting Places

We’re able to bring our services to our clients wherever they feel most comfortable — whether that be in-person or online. We also have a comfortable and safe therapy facility for clients to visit should they choose.

Dedicated Therapists with Team Support

Working together as a team is imperative in the impact of our work. To elevate care, other therapists with specific specialties may be engaged along the way as well as external support systems such as teachers, doctors and family members.

Diversely Cultured & Bilingual Therapists

Understanding the unique needs of each client, we have built care teams of different experiences, cultural backgrounds and expertise, including bilingual and Latinx counselors. We match clients with the therapist more appropriate for their unique situation.

On-call Support

We meet clients whenever we are needed — appointment or not — and wherever we are needed — whether that be at work, at school, at home or in their community. We are more than just a resource; we are part of their family.

Our passionate team walks with clients hand-in-hand.

We leverage our staff’s institutional knowledge and local understanding to best support our clients.