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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding support for mental and behavioral health issues can be difficult.

Our therapists are here to ease the process.


What happens when I reach out to learn more about services?

When contacting us by phone, you will talk to one of our service coordinators immediately. They can provide general details about our services and programs as well as collect information, including your name, age, phone number, insurance information and brief reason for calling in order to connect you with a therapist. Within 48 hours, you will receive communication from one of our therapists to schedule your first appointment.

For inquiries via the contact form on this website, you will receive an email or call from a coordinator within 48 hours to start the process as described above.

You must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a parent/guardian when inquiring.

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What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Before coming to your first appointment, please make sure you’ve provided or have available your insurance information. It’s recommended that you complete our intake form and confidentiality agreement before attending your appointment as well.  Completed forms must be delivered to and verified by our coordinator or therapist before appointment can begin.


Where will my first appointment take place?

Most first appointments take place at our main location in Fairview Heights, Illinois. However, our therapists want to meet with you where you feel most comfortable. We offer community locations across southern Illinois, or you can meet with a therapist virtually.


What can I expect in my first appointment?

If your appointment is at our main location in Fairview Heights,  you’ll be welcomed by one of our coordinators. They will collect your forms and any outstanding information needed. For appointments at a satellite location, forms can be given to your therapist before your appointment.  Virtual appointments allow for forms to be scanned and emailed prior to your visit.

First visits usually last 90 – 120 minutes. During the appointment, your therapist will most likely ask questions to get to know you better, understand your goals and determine a practical plan forward.  This is a time your therapist will assess opportunities for any specialized therapy as well.


How do I reach out to my therapist after my first appointment?

Therapists will provide their contact information during the first appointment. Most likely, you will have a follow-up appointment scheduled after your first visit, but it is our therapists’ goal to be available to you anytime you’re in need.


Will my Medicaid insurance be accepted?

Yes. We will not turn you away. We’re grateful that partner agency grants allow us to provide care to everyone, no matter if underinsured or uninsured.


What are Forward Counseling Care’s privacy policies?

Forward Counseling Care, a part of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services (HYFS) is federally mandated to maintain the privacy of your medical information and wants you to know about our practices for protecting your health information.

HYFS is required to abide by the terms of this notice. The medical information we maintain may come from any of the providers from whom you have received services. The medical information we record and maintain is known as Protected Health Information, or PHI. We will never use or disclose your PHI without your permission.

We may use your Protected Health Information (PHI) without authorization for:

  • Treatment, e.g., share information with other internal providers involved in your care.
  • Payment, e.g., to the state Department of Administrative Services to bill for your healthcare services.
  • Healthcare operations, e.g., to internal staff for evaluation of the quality of services provided.
  • Reminding you of appointments.

Other permitted disclosures of your Protected Health Information (PHI) without authorization might include the following:

  • Disclosures required by law, e.g., to the Department of Children and Families when a law requires that we report suspected abuse or neglect.
  • For research, audit or evaluations. Public Health, e.g., mandated reporting of disease, injury or vital statistics.
  • To avert a serious threat to the health or safety of you or others.
  • As a response to a court order, e.g., a judge orders specific portions of your record as a result of a legal matter.
  • If deceased, limited information to coroners, medical examiners or funeral directors.

For more information about our privacy practices, click here.


How can my privacy remain protected during virtual visits?

Telehealth services are provided using an encrypted method approved under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). However, if the proper technology to receive services using that method is unavailable, services may be offered using a less secure third-party method including Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts video, Zoom or Skype.

Our therapists take every reasonable step possible to ensure your privacy while using telehealth. However, it is important to find a private place for your appointment where you will not be overheard or interrupted. You should use a secure (not public) Wi-Fi connection and should have updated virus protection on the device that is being used.

Minors should participate in treatment only while in a room or area where other unauthorized people are not present and cannot overhear the conversation.


Is counseling services right for you or a loved one?

Our counseling services are ideal for candidates who are looking to move Forward in an area of their life that has been holding them back. Our approach helps people motivate themselves to change behaviors that are prohibiting them from making healthy choices.


What outcomes can I expect from working with a therapist?

Each person’s journey is different. You will determine the goals that will guide your therapy, and your therapist will help you to outline outcome measures that you will work towards together. Regardless of your unique challenges, our purpose is to help you find greater well-being and a clearer sense of purpose in your life, in whatever way that may be for you.

Our uniquely immersive approach meets clients where they are.

We’re able to fully understand their life’s dynamics, gaining valuable insight on their challenges and providing real, practical solutions.

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