Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton

CARE Model

A trauma-informed practice model that keeps relationships at the center.

Hoyleton is one of only 50 agencies nationally, and the only one serving youth in Southern Illinois that adheres to the CARE Model, a trauma-informed practice model with roots at Cornell University and based on six core principles that create successful outcomes.

CARE principles include:

  • Developmentally Focused
  • Family Involved
  • Relationship Based
  • Competence Centered
  • Trauma Informed
  • Ecologically Oriented

The CARE model is designed to profoundly influence the way professionals think about working with children and adults who need our services. The aim of CARE is to bring our current practices closer to well-researched best practices in residential and foster care.  This helps achieve congruence between all levels of staff in order to improve how the agency works as a whole.

This in turn, leads to better outcomes for those that we serve. 

Experience the CARE Model in Practice

To understand how our CARE Model is applied within our programs, please learn more about our Foster Care and Therapeutic Residential Care programs.

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