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Puentes de Esperanza: Ruth & Fabio’s Journey

Date: June 15, 2019

Puentes de Esperanza (Bridges of Hope) helps Spanish speaking individuals navigate the system, that can be quite intimidating at first. Ruth and Fabio are two individuals who have been impacted by our mission here at Hoyleton Youth and Family Services.

Ruth, who came to the United States in 1993, heard of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services through family. “It’s really helpful when you move to a new place, where you don’t know anything, anyone or have a way of navigating the system, that there is someone that can help you along the way to make new connections and familiarize yourself with your surroundings,” said Ruth.

Ruth and Fabio met through their work, where Ruth introduced Fabio to Puentes de Esperanza. Through our Puentes program, we were able to help Ruth and Fabio and their three children navigate the system by hiring lawyers and interpreters, helping them with taxes, studying English and connecting them to recourses to become citizens. Because of our Counseling Care team, we were also able to connect their family with counseling services and help with insurance information. Lastly, we were able to provide Ruth and Fabio with the right resources to get married.

 As we have worked with Ruth and Fabio throughout the years, we are able to witness their personal growth and increased knowledge. “I think one of the great joys of working with any of the people we help is when they begin to feel comfortable navigating systems on their own. I love when I can help someone with their problems, but ultimately we want them to be able to have that knowledge and confidence to do it themselves,” said Jovany, Bilingual Family and Community Advocate.

We enjoy getting to provide resources to Spanish speaking individuals and families who are in a vulnerable state. By building their confidence from within, we are bettering our community and the lives of those around us. If you know a Spanish speaking individual or family who could benefit from Puentes de Esperanza, contact us.