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Hoyleton | Pen Pal Project

Date: May 13, 2020

Hoyleton Pen Pal Project

Words have the power to bring joy or be a healing balm for a lonely soul. In a time where individuals are feeling physically and emotionally separated from one another, it is essential to find ways to connect. Technology allows people to stay connected virtually, but there is something magical about kindness delivered in an envelope that holds a special place of its own. National Pen Pal Day is a wonderful opportunity to engage with others, especially youth in care. Separated from their loved ones, youth in care would appreciate words of encouragement and hope. In preparation for National Pen Pal Day, Hoyleton is asking individuals to send a letter to our youth in care. Have fun with your letter. Share your favorite way of passing the time during COVID-19. Send a hand-drawn picture, or share a part of your story. National Pen Pal Day builds relationships and fosters community. The power of words can bring hope, but the message starts with YOU!

Please address letters to the “youth at the name of residential home”. For example: Dear Youth at Elm St. The Communication and Marketing Department would like to present the letters to the youth in residential care on National Pen Pal Day, June 1st. 

Letters can be mailed to: 

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services:
Attn: Communications and Marketing Department
8 Executive Drive, Suite 200
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Hoyleton Campus:

Main Street: Ages 15-20
Skyview: Ages 10-15
Koelling Cottage: Ages 13-18
Elm: Ages 10-16
TLC: Ages 15-20