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Violence Prevention

Programs to keep youth and families safe.

We work to support a network of multi-jurisdiction law enforcement partners to address violent crime. Through violence prevention programs, law enforcement agencies in Southern Illinois gain additional resources to deal with violence in their communities.

Violence Prevention Programs We Support

Child Death Investigation Task Force

We provide the administrative support to law enforcement commanders investigating child death cases.


Child Death Review Team

Hoylton leads the Southern Illinois Child Review team. Illinois implemented the Child Death Review Team Act (Act) (20 ILCS 515/1 et seq.) in July 1995, with the formation of two review teams in Cook County and seven in the other regions of the state. The nine regional Illinois Child Death Review Teams (Teams) are multidisciplinary teams that review child death cases in an effort to reduce the number of preventable child deaths in Illinois.

When a child dies, the response by the State and the community to the death must include an accurate and complete determination of the cause of death, the provision of services to surviving family members, and the development and implementation of measures to prevent future deaths from similar causes.


Project Safe Neighborhood

Hoyleton Youth & Family Services serves as the fiscal agent for the Project Safe Neighborhood initiatives in Central and Southern Illinois. These projects are led by the United States’ Attorney’s Office and targets high crime areas in Illinois to reduce community violence.

Behavioral Care for Violence Prevention and Support Programs

Our Counseling Care team works with juvenile justice centers in Southern Illinois to provide screenings and therapy to support youth and families with a history of involvement in the legal system. Adults who have survived the challenges of childhood abuse/neglect are offered support and therapy to move past childhood traumas in the VOCA Program.

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